Understanding Medicare.

Don't Confuse Medicare with Obamacare!

Hi, My name is Tricia Smith and I am an independent insurance agent for Texas.  Although I can help people of all ages, I have focused on senior health insurance because health insurance for seniors is confusing at best and it is so important to me that my clients have complete understanding of Medicare and Medicare Health Plans.  I have a huge book of business and can provide numerous references for anyone who needs them.  I rarely have clients that leave my insurance business because I am very ‘hands-on’ and will spend as much time as necessary to make sure my clients have the best fit for their needs.

I live in Terrell, TX, which is about 30 miles from Dallas.  Most of my clients are in Kaufman County, Van Zandt County, Rockwall County, Henderson County, Hunt County and on the Eastern side of Dallas.   

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with the high cost of health care, I can be of great assistance.  For many, walking through the options available for health care is much like traveling through a maze.  It can be frustrating and confusing.  I hope you will call me so that we can chat about your options.  


A word of warning:  Don’t confuse Medicare with Obamacare.  If you are 65 or older or disabled, your focus should be between October 15, 2013 and December 7, 2013.  During this time you can make any change you want to your current insurance.  This time is called the Medicare Annual Open Enrollment Period.  As a Medicare beneficiary, I want to reassure
you that you are covered with Medicare, your benefits are not changing and you are not required to do anything.  However, you will need to decide if you want supplemental insurance to
cover the gaps that Original Medicare doesn’t cover.  I encourage you to read the 2014 “Medicare and You” handbook.  

You will receive one in the mail or you can call Medicare and have one mailed to you if you haven’t received the guide yet.  This guide will answer many or most questions you might have.


Why do you want to enroll in a Medicare Health Plan?  That’s easy.  It’s because you will get more benefits than Original Medicare.  A Medicare Health Plan is a plan offered by
private insurance companies who contracts with Medicare to provide Part A and Part B benefits for people with Medicare.  There are some requirements and some possible penalties that you need to know about.

It is so important that you choose an insurance agent that you can trust and that you can build a relationship with.  You need someone you can call at any time when you have a question, and I promise, you will have questions.                          Let's talk at your earliest convenience.

My Medicare Lady