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Part 1: Parts to Medicare

The 4 parts of Medicare, how they work together, what they cost, how and when to enroll, and the keys things you NEED to know

Part 2: Medicare Supplement vs MedicareAdvantage

What are the differences between Medicare Advantage Medicare Supplement and what does it mean to YOU & your $$

Part 3: Medicare Part D Drug Plan:

Step-by-step way to get your Part D plan that is right for you.  It all starts with the prescriptions you are taking now

Part 4: Agent vs Broker:

Your choice of agent can save or COST you Thousands $$

Part 5: Plan F vs Plan G

Learn from real world examples about the differences between Plan F & Plan G, and why there is a financial advantage to getting one plan over the other


Part 6: Congress Changes Plan F

Find out what effects this will have on YOUR pocketbook!

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What’s Next ?

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